Amazing facts!

It's surprising, I know!

These are a few fun facts I found interesting from National Geographic Kids, my friends, and my common knowledge, because I am such a dweeb!

1. The days used to only be 18 hours long a billion years ago.

2. There are sand dunes in Alaska.

3. Goats pupils are square

4. Women hearts beat faster then men hearts.

5. 14 years before the Titanic set sail, a woman wrote a book about a ship that sunk on it’s maiden voyage and it was called the Titan.

6.Mars drops -200 degrees at night

7. Once the rain in India was red. Scientists believe a red meteorite dissolved into the earth’s oxygen, turning the rain red.

8. Planet Jupiter spins 28,273 mph

9. It is possible to turn peanuts into diamonds

10. There is no gravity at the center of the earth.

11. It is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea.

12. Earth is slightly pear shaped.

Please, if you have any more facts, share them with me, for I am a nerd who is low on useless information.


Stupid things about christmas time:

1. Christmas is not about santa.

         I asked a little girl what she thinks when she hears “Christmas” and she says “santa”. No, if this girl is not religious, then this is fine, but christmas is about the birth of Christ. God is not a fat guy who stays in the northpole and lives with midgets.

2. As soon as you don’t believe in santa, christmas is over.

     Well, not really I mean then I think that’s when you get in to the meaning of christmas, giving not getting. But, my mom sometimes just sends me to the corner and buys my gifts. This is somewhat depressive.

3. People with inflatables.

      Okay, all you people who are out there, decorating with about 5,000 stupid inflatables, just stop, please. Or I will come to your house in the middle of the night and pop them all.

4. Black friday.

     The name even scares me. Black friday, I mean, what the heck?  And how many of you really sit out there and stay all night, waiting to buy your toliet paper for 50% less? I vote we just make everything free and give them to poor people, cause that’s were we’re headed.

5. Christmas lists.

    In our society, the kids who actually get everything for christmas get everything ALL YEAR AROUND! (yeah, I’m one of them.) So, it’s most extremely hard to get anything because you have everything.

So, be good this christmas, give an apple to your friend, serve soup to the poor, eat a candy cane, a stop talking about fat guys who hang with midgets. I’m begging you.

OMG it’s virtually snowing!!!!!

Ahh! I go on to WordPress early this morning cause I couldn’t sleep and there it was, was snowing! There were literally little pieces of white fluffy stuff falling down the screen and everything. At first I didn’t know it was snow, and I’m actually still not quite sure because the background was white and everything.

But, what does this mean for WordPress? does this mean if it’s not snow the website will come crashing down? What if an evil snow monster is trying to destroy all of our blogs? Will this be the end of all our epic internet antics? Why am I asking you these questions? I AM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH I HAD THIS BLOG NOT EVEN FOR A WEEK AND IT’S ALREADY GONNA BE DESTROYED BE EVIL SNOW MONSTERS! AHHHHHH!

Seriously, the evil snow monster is out to get wordpress!

Stupid words

Stay away from fast food and all other evil words

Here are a some words I find stupid sounding but nobody ever really says anything about them. Words that sound questionable if you look at them for too long.

1. Fast food- We’re actually mass-producing our food by the hour-or-so to feed our selves because were too lazy to give our bodies any actual nutrients.

2. Crotchety Does this one really need explaining? And since when does anything about crotches have to do with being stubborn?

3. Portapotty- Not only does the word sound wrong, but really? Who ever thought of the idea of a Portable toilet? If everyone is so afraid of germs, then they better find a better solution to on the go bathrooms then things that don’ even flush.

4. Sink – It seems like were trying to sink our hands when washing them in, well… a sink.

So, please stop using these words. It will mean so much to those who realize what’s underneath the.

Annoying elevator tricks

Ever been in an award silence in an elevator? Here are some ways to fill those moments that your fellow rider(s) may never forget (because they will be scared.) :

1.) If only one person is standing next to you, stare at them for a long time and say “Your one of them!” in horror and back away slowly.

2.) hold the doors open for about 15 minutes, telling people you’re waiting for a friend. Close the doors after no one comes and say to everyone, “Everyone, say hello to Bob.”

3.) try to close the elevator doors on your own but then look embarrased when you realize they close on their own.

4.) press all the buttons in random order, then get off at the first floor the elevator stops on, hopefully leaving the other passengers in the ride of horror.

5.) ask the person what floor they want, and press a completely different number then the one he/she asked for.

Do, these, and people will be taking the stairs in no time, no more awkward silences guarenteed!

Annonying elevator tricks continued.


“I work in natural healing”
“natural what?”
“You know, massage… acupuncture… and stuff…”
“heh, heh, okay well, this is my stop!”


The horrible gym class

So, today my gym teacher says, “Today we’re going on a little walk instead of basketball.” So me and 5 other kids follow him outside, and mind you my school is very big. He brings us to the soccer field where he tells us to start taking down the nets. Well, we also had to roll them up, put them in plastic bags, and carry the SANDBAGS which weighed about 50 POUNDS across a 2 acre field. There were about 100 of them. (Somewhat of exaggeration.) Did I mention it was raining?