Amazing facts!

It's surprising, I know!

These are a few fun facts I found interesting from National Geographic Kids, my friends, and my common knowledge, because I am such a dweeb!

1. The days used to only be 18 hours long a billion years ago.

2. There are sand dunes in Alaska.

3. Goats pupils are square

4. Women hearts beat faster then men hearts.

5. 14 years before the Titanic set sail, a woman wrote a book about a ship that sunk on it’s maiden voyage and it was called the Titan.

6.Mars drops -200 degrees at night

7. Once the rain in India was red. Scientists¬†believe a red meteorite dissolved into the earth’s oxygen, turning the rain red.

8. Planet Jupiter spins 28,273 mph

9. It is possible to turn peanuts into diamonds

10. There is no gravity at the center of the earth.

11. It is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea.

12. Earth is slightly pear shaped.

Please, if you have any more facts, share them with me, for I am a nerd who is low on useless information.