Boo- the adorable Facebook dog

I tell my dog he’s the most cutest dog in the world, (It makes him feel special) and I never did come across a dog cuter them him, until today.

I was looking on the internet for pictures of dogs, and Boo- the Facebook dog came up, and apparently this dog has like over a million followers on Facebook. This “Boo” person happens to sadly be MUCH cuter then my dog. Maybe it’s because my dad won’t let me buy Ziggy adorable little outfits, or maybe it’s time to face the facts, Ziggy is not the cutest dog in the whole world. Here is proof, look at Boo and then look at Ziggy:

See Boo has a stupid little monkey costume  on while Ziggy is naked, Boo has an expression on his face that says, “I’m cute” while Ziggy has an expression on his face that says, “Feed me” Ziggy, I understand that you might be reading this, and that you might be really hurt right now, but understand that despite the fact that you’re not the cutest dog in the world, you’re definitely the cutest dog in Massachusetts. Unless Boo- the facebook dog comes to town.

Ziggy, my dog

         Boo- the facebook dog